THE WATER WIZARD: The Extraordinary Properties of Natural Water, by VIKTOR SCHAUBERGER, translated and edited by CALLUM COATS. All life depends. be developed to present a variety of information on Viktor Schauberger, and the question of “living water” (sometimes called “activated” or “structured” water). Callum Coats is the foremost expert author on Viktor Schauberger’s life long work with water, forestry, agriculture, energy production and infrastructure as well as.

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This eventually impairs their immune systems to such a degree that they are no longer able to eject viruses, germs and cancer cells, to which the respective host-bodies ultimately fall victim.

He added guide vanes to create torroidal counter-vortices to transfer impurities to the pipe walls. Pride had to be swallowed and Schauberger was called in to partially rebuild it, after which it worked perfecdy. First and foremost it concerns the treatment of water – the principal agent of life. The water wants to flow in this way, and builds up these shaded banks to protect itself from direct sunlight’. He relates one of his experiences: The whole process was an attempt to copy water’s natural vikotr in the earth as he understood of its ‘full cycle’.

Its boiling and freezing points change, and wise Nature makes use of this pheno- menon to raise water, without using pumping equipment, to the highest mountain peaks, to appear as mountain springs. In listing some of his accomplishments one could not do better than to quote from his book, Our Senseless Toil, written in Livinb was not derisive and superior but became more and more worried at meeting something he did not understand.

The splitting of the atom and the development of nuclear energy heralds the commitment of our society’s future to total destruction.

People who are not aware of the importance of the balance in Nature, of which the forest is a part, want to clear areas of everything they do not consider to be useful. Having reached the middle, the trees suddenly took up a vertical position and then appeared to be sucked down into the depths by some dragging force, causing the bark to be ripped off.

Viktor Schauberger | World Living Water Systems Ltd.

The hydrogen is then bound schaubreger the oxygen, which leads to the water’s slow degeneration, its loss of carrying power, and encouragement of pathogenic bacteria. Finally, I wish to thank warmly all those who have in their different ways greatly helped in the writing of this book.


The damage caused by modern forest technology is so devastating, because this energy interchange cannot evolve as it does in a natural forest When there is a variety of tree types and undergrowth, energy is created in the whole forest area Schauberger also stresses the important role of trees as mineral processors, building up metals and minerals, through biochemical reprocessing and biodynamic circulation: Strangely, he was not discouraged but continued his close observation.

The capillaries in the bodies of animals and plants serve as conductors for blood and sap and for the maintenance of the whole structure. Water was not merely H 2 0, but a living organism with its own laws commanding respect from mankind, if the consequences were not to be fatal.

Because of its unusual hydrogen bonding, it has the unique ability through hydration to activate proteins, and through its strong electrical potential, water is able to marshal the positive and negative electrons through ionisation, to facilitate proton exchange and cell formation.

Our mechanistic, materialistic and extremely superficial way of looking at things, however, prevents us from considering water to be anything other than inorganic, i. A return to Nature and her processes is now becoming increasingly urgent The forest is not a resource to be exploited, but a vital organic part of each culture, particularly in the mountain regions. It may be hundreds of years before the forests return to the same standard as they were a few decades ago.

Viktor Schauberger was not a learned man in the conven- tional scientific sense. To the joy of the dredging companies they now had constant employment since after each heavy downpour in the mountains the high water came rushing down the river to deposit its load which again had to be dredged up. This blocks the flow, dislocates the channel and results in the inevitable, often catastrophic floods.

This was built inand the contract stipulated that during the first hour of flotation the construction should be able to transport cubic metres of timber. It was unsuccessful because the bank was too steep. Schauberger was an Austrian forestry manager who never wrote any of his works in English.

You must have measured incorrectly! Furthermore by the positioning of these braking barriers at suitable intervals the water’s motion is influenced in such away that the theoretical axis of flow will be redirected towards the middle of the channel stream’.

In the vicinity of the spring, traces of the presence of mountain goats were found. Schauberger discovered, almost against his wishes, that he was developing an interest in this learned man, and there grew a deep friendship between the two.


In the moonlight falling directly onto the crystal clear water, every movement of the fish, garnered in large numbers, could be observed. The draining water heated rapidly and so soon deposited its burden of stones and gravel. He died days after his return to Austria. This began with the timber cutting in the Swiss Alps in the region of its source. Failure to do so quickly transforms it into an enemy, rather than the nurturer and furtherer of all life that it should be. However, it should be remembered that much of what Viktor Schauberger studied for so many years cannot now be seen, for the natural environment in which he lived is now no more.

The watercourse flowing out of the natural forest carries with it some of these metals and deposits them in the surrounding environment These trace elements contribute to the basic make-up of living water.

The Nazis took great interest in his schaubergsr during the 30’s and 40’s. This mistreated and degenerated water- course had at one time been a mighty river with such crystal clear water that the river bed could be seen to a depth of several metres. Only when wwater is ripe, and not before, will it emerge from the bowels of the Earth as a spring.

Austrian patent 13 82 Viktor Schauberger’s understanding of forests can be sum- marized as follows: But fate had decided otherwise. The introduction to the text of this patent states that an important detail had been omitted in earlier attempts at directing watercourses, namely the water’s temperature, its relationship to the surrounding ground and air temperature and also the temperature differences within the water flow.

Viktor Schauberger

After waher Forcheimer began to lecture. People mocked Viktor when he insisted that water behaves like a living organism. Carbohydrates are broken down into glucose and glycogen. For here lay large stands of mature timber, so ill-placed for transportation, that the costs of moving it would eat up all the profits.

He had experimented with these earlier. Just as good water is the preserver of our proper bodily temperature, our anomaly point of greatest health and energy, so too does it preserve this planet as a habitat for our continuing existence.

Nothing could float in such schauuberger chute. He says of them: