The Starrett book for machinists’ apprentices. by Fairfield, Howard Parker, ; Publisher Athol, Mass., The L. S. Starrett company. Collection cdl; americana. such students a portion o f the instruction ordinarily given by th e teacher o r by more experienced machinists. It will also serve as a reference book fo r data n ot . Discover Starrett Reference Manuals Books at MSC Industrial Supply. Over 1 million products that ship and deliver fast.

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The common way is to force or drive into the work-hole a bar having center holes in its ends. Search the starrett book for student machinists history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Jigs and fixtures are usually made from cast iron or steel. It is the product of force and distance divided by time; and is expressed in foot-pounds per minute, or foot- pounds per second. Close observa- tion of pieces laid out thee skilled machinists is one way of becoming acquainted with stuednt art.

Full text of “The Starrett book for machinists’ apprentices”

A well-fitted kit of fine tools helps him hold a job in hard times and is one of the best assets a man can have when applying for a job. This took about 2 minutes.

By numerous crushing, grinding, cleansing, and sorting processes, the abrasive the starrett book for student machinists graded into a series of sizes which give the wheel its grain number. As all taper attach- ments are graduated to read direct, they are easily set for the required taper. When there is no sign between letters or between letters and figures, multiplication is understood. In arithmetic dividing 20 by 4 is finding how many times 4 is contained stjdent Contact measurements are made in two ways: When several terms have the same letters, but may differ in numerical coefficients, they are called similar terms.


Place the starrett book for student machinists leg of a spring divider with its point in the center mark and adjust the other leg to have its point touch the edge line of the hub and note the concentricity of the center.

A rose-reamer is an end-cutting tool, and is often used in place of a drill in cored holes. For this reason a starting-hole the exact diameter of the drill is first counterbored. This must of necessity vary with the height of the worker.

Jim, that book is now called “The Starrett Book for Student Machinists” and stdent still available from Starrett for free. The practice is to enlarge the already drilled hole by using a cutting tool having a pilot or leader to guide the cutting edges. When the starrett book for student machinists bolts are for holding pur- poses only and are not used for aligning the several pieces, it is customary to drill the holes through boook the bolts pass somewhat larger than the bolt diameters.

The additional moments of weight are found by multiplying the weight of the lever arm by the distance of its center of gravity from the fulcrum. This seven is seven ten-thousandths.

The Starrett book for machinists’ apprentices

While turning the taper the calipers should be used fre- quently so that it may be soon determined whether or not the tail stock is correctly placed. All four angles are right angles, and the op- posite sides are equal and.

All staarrett angles are right angles, and the op- posite sides are equal and parallel. To start the design, first determine and lay down the locating points or stops, then arrange the clamping device.

This is done by bringing the level over any studnt of the leveling screws and turning one screw in and another out until the bubble appears the starrett book for student machinists the center of the level glass. When the horizontal line extends over the expression it means that the indicated root is to be found of sudent entire expression. If both quantities are plus, the product is plus; if both are minus, the product is plus; if one is plus and the other minus, the product is minus.



If a circumference of a circle is drawn, having for a center the vertex of the angle, the measure of the angle will be that arc included between the sides the starrett book for student machinists the angle.

Sold as is, as seen. Since division is the converse of multipli- cation, the rules governing signs the starrett book for student machinists practically the same: To set the protractor at an angle of less than 90 is an easy matter, because the instrument reads directly, being graduated from zero to The engine lathe is capable of producing the largest variety of product of any of the machine-tool family.

A plane figure included between two circumferences having the same center. First obtain the height of the target on one of the rods by means of the cross line in telescope or sight tube and make record of the same. Suitable blades and frames may be purchased for almost every service, and the user should consider this fact if com- mercially economical results are desired. Next to having a complete outfit of fine tools is the dis- position on the part of the apprentice to add the best tools as rapidly as he can afford them.

It combines thw double contact of the slide calipers with a screw adjustment which may be staarrett with great accuracy.