18 Jun Alexander Publishing, a leading publisher of professional music training and production tools, has released The Spectrotone Chart created by. Instrument Ranges. The 70th Anniversary Edition of the Spectrotone Chart has updated the ranges from the original. version to reflect current professional . 17 Sep I recently got in the mail the Lange Spectrotone Chart. Lange calls his chart a ” thesaurus for orchestral tone-coloring” which is a pretty neat.

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Now that digital technology allows rapid creation of new interfaces for music and sound, the question of how to represent those elements visually has new life. These terms represent the five ranges for the whole orchestra as determined by Gevaert in his New Treatise on Orchestration.

This organization makes the chart useful to both music and non-music readers alike. Click on the course names for more information: After all, as MGM themselves demonstrated, a world in Technicolor is somehow more vivid, if a bit riskier.

The chart is organized by woodwinds, saxes, horns, brass, percussion, harp and chimes, and strings. Lange wrote many stock orchestrations during this period and inwrote Arranging For the Modern Dance Orchestra. Use it when arranging, composing, recording or mixing.

Spectrotone Instrumental Tone Color Chart – PDF – Alexander Publishing

Featured Categories On Sale! Okay, right brand, wrong time period, wrong technology, but … come on.

The Making of Scoring Stages 2: Also be aware that the Spectrotone Chart can be used for big bands, concert bands, woodwind ensemble and other types of ensembles, too. Learners are then encouraged to create basic MIDI mock-ups of the examples analyzed. After completing the first 13 assignments instrument-by-instrument, Learners have begun to develop the skills needed for creating a full orchestral MIDI mock-up, and they have a starting demo reel.


The best way to understand this is through score analysis so the student sees and spctrotone as a single act. An Orchestrators HandbookTrue Women.

The Spectrotone Chart is an exciting tool spectrotonr use in the classroom where only one semester of orchestration is taught. Its Orchestration Design CineBrass: Because of its application to mixing and EQ, Alexander Publishing added below each piano key its Hz frequency.

Below the keyboard, spectrotohe added Hz frequencies for each note so that its full potential can also be realized in recording and mixing. Combinations recorded include unison, octaves, light harmony and 3-part harmony or better. You’ll know when an instrument in a particular register will be strong in intensity, or when it will be weak specteotone possibly need reinforcing by another instrument.

His edition, Treatise on Orchestration which was translated into Russian by Tchaikovsky, divided the orchestra into three parts. Besides songwriting for Tin Pan Alley, Lange fronted a very successful jazz band, and recorded extensively for Cameo Records chsrt the s.

Alexander Publishing Releases The Spectrotone Chart

The Spectrotone Chart has applications to any style of music that makes use of orchestral instruments. That honor goes to Francois Auguste Gevaert who did so infirst with three range breaks, then again in with four range breaks per instrument.

But Rimsky-Korsakov went no further. Range is divided by adjective and color: Spectrotone Course – Basic Edition If you’ve already purchased the Spectrotone Chart, you can add to your training with this short course in orchestration that’s based on using the Spectrotone Chart.


The other two types are Complementary and Remote. Leave a Comment Name required Email will not be published required Website. On chzrt home printer, the printer will resize so you can print out on 8.

The most commonly used are Perfect and Close Combinations and these color combinations are listed on the right side of the Chart. Please read our Privacy Policy.

Professional Orchestration™ : Teaching Orchestration in The Classroom With the Spectrotone Chart

Alexander Publishing Customers who purchased this item also purchased these items: This is where the highly visual multi-color Spectrotone Chart comes in.

Lange was so successful with his band that he sold it to another bandleader, Roger Wolfe Kahn. Two 2 detailed PDF training guides for the Spectrotone Chart are included in your downloads, along with a Print Release form and printing instructions.

These sections are then, as illustrated in these excerpt images, applied to frequency and instrumental range, with various applications for using the resulting color system to understand orchestration and harmony.

Perfect, Close, Complimentary, and Remote.

Available as downloadable media, the first wave of lessons will be available First Quarter and specrotone be purchased individually. Click Herethat includes an average minute concert for each featured orchestral instrument, to really help train your ears.