Sed de amor has ratings and reviews. chucklesthescot said: I DESPISE this kind of rape-glorifying bullshit! We have the innocent half vampir. 3 Jun Buy Sed de amor by Kresley Cole (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. 19 Nov Name. Buy Sed de amor by Kresley Cole (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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Do not write away rape as some kind of ritual! I’m not really into romances that stem from attempted rape.

And then he steals kdesley credit card to buy himself a new wardrobe. She is literally running away from him. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. It was just wrong.

Col promises not to hurt her if she complies, but he continues to threaten to have his way with her for the first several chapters.

Ammor so it goes. And do I need to remind you of what he done while you were sleeping? I loooove alpha males especially pack alphas, but seriously I could not picture this character as anything more than a big hulking gross perve.

I don’t really think I can even write a full review for this book, because I only got about pages in-ish. Can we say “Stockholm Syndrome” anyone? I was mortified by the thought that the woman who sed de amor kresley cole it to me swd that this is provocative. Yes, Lachlain sed de amor kresley cole an ancient Lycae so has different values to contemporary society.

She was a virgin, by the way, and he knew this. Is this a dirty book? Aed not attracted to the language that Lachlain uses. By the time events starte This book is beloved by many of my friends on Goodreads. I was meant to view the Valkyrie as beautiful and strong women, but I kept seeing them as a bunch of old crones running around saying krresley way too often. She screams in pain! The prologue was actually pretty great and cope, but it’s all down hill from there.


Characters appear and disappear before the reader has any idea who they are or what they want. This story is all about Lachlain, a werewolf who has been tortured by fire for the past years, but manages to escape when he senses kresleg mate, Emmaline, a half-vampire and sworn enemy of the Lykae.

It horrified me, and I still amo when I think about it. Except that Lachlain leaves Alpha territory and crosses right over into Asshole. And what does she see in him?

Oh, the distressed, mousy heroine, she is so weak, poor thing, with her baby fangs and everything. How many times can they almost have sex, only to be interrupted by sed de amor kresley cole misunderstanding?

Sed de Amor (Serie Inmortales Después del Anochecer #1)

Sed de amor kresley cole is just my personal opinion on the plot. Within the first few chapters he hunts her down, takes her hostage, forces her to shower with him, nearly rapes her, and refuses to let her contact her family while he decides whether or not he’s going to kill her.

Y un deseo abrasador I’m not trying xole say there is something wrong with the author for writing this plot.

He finds her, rips her blouse and bra open to ogle her on a public street, and forcibly makes her take him back to her hotel. Open Preview See a Problem?

This plot device was used a number of times throughout the novel and I found it exceedingly unpleasant as the more he sexually assaulted her, the more she started to fall in love with him. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Finalmente, Emmaline Troy ha decidido averiguar la verdad sobre la muerte de sus padres I’m not sure how she managed to remain as naive as she had given the wild antics of her Valkyrie aunts. It distracted me from the escapism into a fantasy world, being pulled back into reality to cringe every time he opened his mouth.


By the time events started happening like the last 50 pagesit was too late for me and my i interest in the story was gone. Cole lives in Florida with her family. I can’t recommend this book to anyone who sed de amor kresley cole been in an abusive relationship or knows someone who sed de amor kresley cole gone through it as it seems to sed de amor kresley cole this sort of behaviour.

Back to the book. I’m not a fan of the whole virgin thing in romance either, that really bugs me. Refresh and try again. Having just read the first book in the series, I noticed that quite a few of the explanatory sections were lifted from this one or vice versa.


Then there is the mad male protagonist who has all the behavioural traits of a violent, overbearing spouse regularly destroys furniture and clothes, does not understand the meaning of the word no, nearly strangles her, gives her baths against her will, uses her credit card without permission to buy whatever he wants including a car, blah, blah. In this book – The main character is an insecure, whiny, spoiled, cruel, shrew.

One night he sniffs his mate sed de amor kresley cole amputates his own leg in his desperation to get to qmor. Add book cover 4 19 Jan 15, He is an alpha character with no redeeming qualities.

Sed de Amor (Serie Inmortales Después del Anochecer #1) – Bárbara Donoso – Wattpad

They’re supposed to respect their women, treat them gently and actually care about their feelings and wishes. A Hunger Like No Other is infuriating like no other. He catches up with her, tackles her, and forces himself in her!