Here is the final spreadsheet for Heisig and Richardson’s Remembering the Traditional Hanzi Book 2 and Remembering the Simplified Hanzi. 2 Dec This deck is designed to accompany Remembering Simplified Hanzi 1 (and book 2), and you will need those books in order to use this deck. Based on the best-selling series of books on the Japanese characters, Remembering Errata in Remembering Simplified Hanzi, Book 2 (14 March Sept ).

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James W. Heisig – Remembering Simplified Hanzi 1 & 2 – AnkiWeb

vook By the way, the rest of the spreadsheet looks consistent. Some hints for learning new characters: Heisig, learned the 2, characters of the Japanese alphabet which is almost identical to the simplified Chinese alphabet in about a month.

The character is “flatter:: This is because once a primitive is introduced, it is usually used in multiple new characters immediately, so you generally wouldn’t have any problems remembering it. Open Preview See a Problem? That means if you don’t know any characters or primitives at all, and you randomly pick a Heisig character to learn, on average you’d have to learn 5 other characters or primitives first in order to learn how to write the character.

No trivia or quizzes yet. I’ve included the character to keyword cards, because I know some people like to use them. Daniel rated it really liked it Dec 21, In order to use the “out of sequence” approach: This book is the second of two volumes designed to help students learn the meaning and writing of the 3, most frequently used simplified Chinese characters. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. At this time, it is not possible to add shared decks directly to your AnkiWeb account – they need to be added from the desktop then synchronized to AnkiWeb.

Thank you for all your hard work My earlier studies were not wasted as I focus now on the pinyin. By providing the SQL for extracting the cards related to a given character, boook author has created a very flexible resource.


Here is 22 final spreadsheet for Heisig and Richardson’s Remembering the Traditional Hanzi Book 2 and Remembering the Simplified Hanzi Book 2, containing all the characters, keywords, Heisig rremembering lesson numbers.

Since remembring and rememnering are frequently reused as demembering blocks, the more characters you learn, the fewer new characters and primitives you will have to learn for each new character. This link will not work for primitives or character marked with “p.

This will help you learn more simpkified how the method works, give you various examples that will help you create your own stories later characters do not include stories, just keywordsand also introduces you to many of the most frequently re-used primitives and characters.

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But he did not write a language text book with grammar, vocabulary, phrases, etc. This deck is designed to accompany Remembering Simplified Hanzi 1 and book 2and you will need those books in order to use this rememberinh. If you’d like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.

Remembering Simplified Hanzi – Book 2

These images were created from the SimSun font on a Windows computer, and depending on your display, operating system, available fonts, etc. Just unsuspend more characters as needed. All primitives which use and image are tagged “PrimitiveImage”. That means you can use this deck and Heisig’s books to easily learn characters in any order you want, not only the order they are presented in the books.

By spreading my study time to 20 cards per session, I can easily unsuspend the cards I need. I have created a new card which goes from Pinyin back to Hanzi, keyword,and ComponentsSearch and attacking it again. If iTunes doesn’t open, click the iTunes application icon in your Dock or on your Windows desktop. I study cards a day.

Remembering Simplified Hanzi 2 | Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture

R emembering S implified H anzi, hannzi 2 – all cards from book two are marked with this tag. Andrew David Burt marked it as to-read Oct 08, In this way, the collections of dots, strokes, and components that make up the characters are associated in memorable fashion, dramatically shortening the time required for learning and helping to prevent characters from slipping out of memory.


Vitaly Osipov marked it as to-read Jan 15, I won’t have access to RTSH2 for nearly a month, so it’s great to be able to learn some hanzi before it arrives!

Iulian Iulian marked it as to-read Jun 28, R emembering S implified H anzi – all cards in the deck are marked with this tag to make them easier to find rmeembering you combine the deck with other decks. If you aren’t familiar with the Heisig method, you might want to at least do the first several lessons from the book in the normal order, as presented in the book.

Jianyan Morin added it Dec 28, I’ve included the traditional characters on each card in cases where they differ from the simplified characters. Taking advantage of this allows a logical ordering, making it bopk for students to approach most new characters with prior knowledge that can greatly facilitate the learning process.

He did this by dissecting the characters into smaller pieces, which were either themselves characters, or, just smaller pieces without a separate meaning, but repeating in other characters.

I can’t edit the spreadsheet anymore Select all of the results from the search, and un-suspend them make them active for learning and review. Thank you so much!

Remembering Simplified Hanzi Books 1 and 2

Second, I knew the key words but not the Pinyin. Of course, you can also use simplifued deck to learn the characters in the order presented in the books. So I zapped my deck and followed the suggestion of suspending, finding the words and tracing back through the characters and words building it up.