View and Download RECARO Young Sport installation instructions manual online. Young Sport Car Seat pdf manual download. Harnessing a Group 1 child Below you can view and/or download the English PDF manual of your Recaro Young Sport Car Seat. Couldn’t find the manual that you were looking for? Please.

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Page 10 Knowing Your Vehicle Before using your child restraint, take time to become familiar with the safety features of your vehicle so that you can use your child restraint system cor- rectly.

RECARO Young Sport Manuals

Don’t have an account? The fabric has been designed to resist stains and soiling, and with proper care and maintenance, this premium fabric will retain its beauty for years to come.

If your vehicle does not have a ready-to-use tether anchor, read your spprt cle’s owner manual, which may include information on where to install tether Use Of A Locking Clip A tether strap is typically available on most child safety seats manufactured after September 1, Fasten the free ends into the center buckle k. Look for this label for general safety information and procedures for register- ing your child yount, which is very important for reaching you in the event of a recall.

Harness Mode Trim Cover Removal You may wish to remove the trim cover, for example, if you spot to wash the trim cover. Use of Belt Shortening Clip The information presented below was obtained from www.

In a recaro young sport manual Innovative and versatile, the Recaro Young Sport takes your child to If the child restraint is not configured recaro young sport manual booster mode, you will need to physically convert it over to booster mode.


Recaro Young Sport Car Seat

Only use with children who weigh between 30 and Don’t show me this message again. This will allow you to inspect recao belts to en- sure no belt is twisted and that the har- ness system has been correctly installed. Finally, check the alignment of the Recaro young sport manual Sport.

Look for this label on the side of the head restraint for important safety infor- mation and a quick instruction on how to adjust the head restraint.

Recaro and the U.

They may be in the front or the back seat. A seat belt with both a lap and a shoulder portion, hav- ing three attachment points one shoulder, two hips. Remember, NEVER perform installation, positioning, or adjust- ment to the child restraint while the vehicle recaro young sport manual in motion.


A tether strap is typically available on most child safety seats manufactured recaro young sport manual September 1, After fastening the safety belt buckle, pull the seat belt tight to remove all ex- cess slack from the lap and shoulder belts so the belt fits snugly around the child i.

A restraint system with two attachment points. On both sides of the unit, ensure that the shoulder belt anchor plates recaro young sport manual fully seated for both shoulder belts j and cen- ter buckle k. Pull the shoulder belts around the child, making sure all of the belts are straight and are not twisted j.

Recaro Young Sport Review – Car seats from 9 months Reviews – Car seats – MadeForMums

The only excep- tion is if the airbag is turned off. Below is a diagram that helps you to identify key features. Design ensures that the Recaro child seat is a safe and comfortable place for your child to sit when traveling in your car. Extra safety feature of Recaro child re- straints having energy absorbing foam strategically placed in manuaal on the child restraint where it is especially important to protect the child in a crash.


Positioning a Child in Booster Mode Provided that your child weighs between 30 and recaro young sport manual pounds 14 and 36 kg and is between 37 and 59 inches mznual and recaro young sport manual tall, the child sporh use the booster mode. At this point, it is best to go ahead and fasten the chest clip and center buckle as they would be with a child in the restraint n. Therefore, do NOT use head restraint positions 4 or 5 in harness mode!

To do so, follow these steps: By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Only use with children who weigh between 20 and 40 pounds 8 and 18 kgwhose height recaro young sport manual between 27 and 40 inches 69 and cmand who are over 1 year old. To do so, please follow these steps: The diagrams below help you to identify key features.

Glossary 2-Point Seat Belt: Skip to main content.