Mouni Sadhu. 3. PREFACE. This book has been written to bridge the gap between the many existing theoretical works on mental concentration and meditation. 1 Apr What are your experiences? – Curiously, in Concentration, Mouni Sadhu also mentions that you would do well to keep your exercises secret. Concentration. Front Cover. Mouni Sadhu. Mandala Books, – Health & Fitness – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Concentration.

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Yes, this would seem logically to be true, but in my experience, not speaking of my goals always ended up being helpful. And further, the need to often endure irritating and stressful interactions and relations with others that I would normally not bother with. I just recently got over a concentragion hurdle that has appeared since I have started the exercises again.

The destructive one, is of course the latter. The other important finding is that this battery can be enlarged by exercising your willpower. History of Western Philosophy. Realize that it is only through regulating and controlling the leash that the dog can be restricted. He reasons that moini verbalizing our goals we get a feeling similar to the one we would get of having actually achieved the goal, and, that by doing so we are less motivated to actually achieve the goal since part of the reward has already been acquired.

Concentration – Mouni Sadhu – Google Books

Be that as it may, there is a certain amount of biographical information contained within his books that can be relied upon as being authentic and factual. When I studied the lives of the first and later Christian saints of the Egyptian desert, [69] [70] [71] [72] [73] the caves of Anatolia, [74] the catacombs of Rome, and the monasteries of Kiev [75] [76] [77] and Western Europe, [78] [79] I reached the firm conviction that Western adepts knew as muchif not more about the value of a one-pointed mind in spiritual achievement, than their Eastern brothers.

So how does this help us practically. Anyone, he said, who is a Roman Catholic and feels a need for spiritual concentration can go there for a time, take part in the simple life of its inmates according to his own inner capacity. The subtle interplay between the will and the mind is very much like this analogy.


In Mouni Sadhu in his ‘Application for Naturalization as an Australian Citizen’ declares,”Since his return he has resided continuously in Melbourne and is employed as an Electrical mechanic by the Melbourne City Council”. Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart. K rated it it was amazing Apr 30, But, the opposite has been true when I internalize those feelings, when intentionally increasing the desire within, through strong feelings and emotions.

Also, I forgot to mention in my last post what my current progress is. In the same document he states that his further occupation is that of “part-time writer. Derek delivers a talk about how we should keep our goals to ourselves and not verbalize them.

For this first exercise, and maybe others, do not attempt to eliminate thoughts, or reduce thoughts, or analyse during the exercise.

In common English sadhy, occult refers to “knowledge of the paranormal”, as opposed to “knowledge of the measurable”, usually referred to as science. He saw and foresaw the dangers, misunderstandings and problems associated with this, and one can see too a rationale and a desire for clarity, wisdom, service and advice to pupils of his works in his writing about esoteric matters.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. If we are prepared to accept this fact then his books take on a tremendous personal meaning for us, Also, the highly complicated “teachings” of many contemporary Yogis is another doubtful point I wish to stress.

This entry has no external links. It was a realization which lead to a deep understanding that changed my perception. Thomas Merton was not in a position to accept such an offer and the book was not published. I forgot all my previous endeavours. sachu

Concentration: A Guide to Mental Mastery

Sedir was by no means an imaginative fiction writer, who fed his readers on his own literary inventions. My library Help Advanced Book Search. We know, for example, that Mouni Sadhu studied Hermeticism exclusively betweenbased to a large degree concentrahion the lectures of G. And the Maharshi did just this.

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What can we learn or more deeply understand from concentdation analogy? In Mouni Sadhu visited France. I would think of what my last few distractions were and try to avoid those types, and other such thoughts, which was clearly the wrong approach.

Mouni Sadhu settled in Melbourne the remainder of his life.

The term is sometimes taken to mean knowledge that “is meant only for certain people” or that “must be kept hidden”, but for most practicing occultists it is simply the study of concdntration deeper spiritual reality that extends beyond pure reason and the physical sciences.

The best exponents, apart from a few dissentients, fix attention first and foremost on the moral purification of man and his religious, devotional sense. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Open Preview See a Problem? Ho Lee rated it it was amazing Aug 27, Thus, focusing unnecessarily on your negative past observations will negatively predispose your present expectations of the future, and logically, the way in which future unfolds.

But at the same time he recognizes the fact that not all are immediately attracted to or able to follow a true and genuine spiritual path.

So obviously it would be a cycle of failure followed by frustration getting me nowhere. Conccentration his preface to Concentration Mouni Sadhu introduces the reader to the works of Yogi Ramacharaka and Yoga[49] stating:.

Yoga and Spiritual Unfoldment. Jan 03, Calico Jack rated it it was amazing. Indian Philosophy in Asian Sahu categorize this paper. This is what Mouni Sadhu talks about and what we are attempting to do. In Days of Great Peace deals with the experiences leading to the enlargement of consciousness, while Concentration gives the necessary explanations and techniques for the first step, that is, domination of asdhu mind.

I started about 2 weeks ago doing three exercises a day of 10 minutes each. This page was last edited on 9 Aprilat