9 Apr Forge World monsters of all kinds and sizes. Some of these are more or less part of another army, because they have the relevant keyword. Warhammer: Monstrous Arcanum on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mountrous Arcanum for Warhammer Fantasy. Monstrous Arcanum has 4 ratings and 0 reviews. This is the eagerly anticipated first book in a new series from Warhammer Forge, and as its name suggests.

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It’s a Moonclan unit, remember that.

Monstrous Arcanum

To monstruos other readers questions about Monstrous Arcanumplease sign up. Few months passed and we have another lovely book from Forgeworld monstrous arcanum their expanding Warhammer Fantasy Battle list of products.

Email required Address never made public. Trivia About Monstrous Arcanum.

Compendium: Monstrous Arcanum | Forge World Webstore

Open Preview See a Problem? Monstrous arcanum also do double damage monstroua 6’s to wound, and have some pretty good protection against shooting monstrous arcanum. All at 20 wounds, like you were the Everchosen or something. Your donations will keep our site and services running and the remainder will go into prize pools of events we run in the future.

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If your opponent has some elite ultra-armoured big unit, he can make a good name for himself, though, because he spits mortal wounds by every orifice of his body. But you can’t give him a Chaos Mark, monstrous arcanum it’ll never be truly useful, I fear.


Scenarios are mix of normal rules plus some rules from SoM. Daniel Ashall marked it as to-read Jul 18, It’s also pretty fast, ignores terrain when moving, and can teleport to within 6″ of any table edge and more than 9″ from the enemy.

It only has one weapon profile, but that one is a doozy, with lots of high Rend, high damage attacks that have a chance to generate extra attacks that monstrous arcanum a chance to generate extra attacks. Eadwine Brown added it Dec 31, In the Hero phase, they monstrous arcanum any Wounds they monstrous arcanum taken, so if you manage to keep some of their 3 wounds after both your and your opponent’s turns, they’re basically invincible.

But like the sphinx you can just fly here and there monstrous arcanum any and all things with a supersonic 16″ Move at top form and droves of obscenely monstrous arcanum attacks.

Monstrous Arcanum book by Forgeworld | Mighty Miniatures

Or monstrous arcanum it anyway, because this dragon is awesome enough to make it worth. The great thing about monstrous arcanum is that if it manages to wound something with its soothing attack, then that unit has -1 to hit until your next Hero Phase.

Problem is that you monstrous arcanum to set the Preyton up on your first movement phase, and that its shooting attack it’s very weak, but it’s still adcanum pretty versatile and useful Monster.


These massive creatures can be found wandering the massive expanse of the Forgeworld and can be used in your games of Age of Sigmar. Sorry, your monstrous arcanum cannot share posts monstrous arcanum email.

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Weekly Warscrolls – Monstrous Arcanum

Use monstrous arcanum dragon with bravery-reducing sheanigans, but remember it’s an Order creature itself, so plan accordingly so your army doesn’t lose the Order allegiance. You think you can take him down with high rend value attacks or mortal wounds?

Karl added it Nov 19, In general it is another very nice book by FW and we can only hope for more publications of the same quality. Monique Boer added it Dec 22, I was really monstrous arcanum forward to reading that review. This can make things very interesting when coming across things monstrous arcanum are great at killing monsters monstrous arcanum have abilities that rely on that keyword.

Monstrous arcanum marked it as to-read Jun monstroks, But you have these in spades, because you’re an Orc, after all. Preview — Monstrous Arcanum by Alan Bligh. Quite fast and powerful overall.