I REMOTE CONTROL MANUAL g g. II. II. II. | g. II g. II g. I li g a. Serial Number. May MODELS /14/20/24/30/ DUAL- AND QUAD-CHANNEL. 5 Manual Operation. Vertical Controls. Time-Base Controls. Probes. Bandwidth Limit. Trigger controls (Standard). Displaying Traces. Display Control and. See Remote Control Manual. 6FRSH ([SORUHU. Also via GPIB and RSC, the Scope Explorer software integrates the oscilloscope with Windows 95 and.

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The convention adopted to define a positive slope is: Two independent channels; standard BNC connector inputs.

The 11 kV is made through a high voltage times five multiplier. Lutronic, Eastern Europe: For an NIST calibration, follow the manual linearity test procedure using a calibrated and certified high precision better than 0.

Full text of “LeCroy Service Manual”

A cross-hair marker measures absolute voltage versus signal ground, as well as the time relative to the trigger. Level Set the input CHI: Disconnect the fan cable from the F or 94XX power supply This is the fastest access: I didn’t know that Teledyne acquired Lecroy!

The CRT must be discharged similarly, ,anual a tool or a long screw driver which is first manula to the metallic display support and on the CRT receptable, repeat until no spark is seen or heard. Hold the CRT very carefully or place soft padding under it. Didn’t even get as far as putting the other scope on anything, because I saw what is unmistakenly something that has gone phhhhffuuut!

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Teledyne LeCroy – Product Manuals – Oscilloscopes

X3 display cord connector: Follow the F power supply disassembly procedure 4. Their allocation is as follows: The display processor waits until the user enables it to access the memory by sending the first frame synchro. The screen is antireflecting. When more than one pulse is pres- ent in the measurement zone, averaged results for period, width, risetime and falltime are presented. A low state indicate that overlaod is detected.

LeCroy 9410 Manuals

Simple English-like com- mands are used. Check oscillators and other timing things. This current controls via an amplifier the cathode voltage of the CRT. Number of input points: I’ve made much quicker progress with your help than I would have alone. Do not place the solder side of the board directly on an lfcroy foam or mat, which are slightly conducting and can discharge the battery.

Four different window functions are applied to indicate their effect on leakage suppression and spectral resolution. The above example shows the ringing on a step response top trace ex- panded 5 times vertically and 25 times horizontally middle trace.

While Vin and Vout are different, the capacitor is charged or discharged with a rate given by Iin, the integrator current, until Vout reaches Vin. The ZC register, internal to the MDS, is not reloaded with a new value until the vector in progress is completed i. And so far the PSU doesn’t mind.


Two cross-hair cursors are used to define a region of interest for which pulse parameters will be calculated automatically. Mwnual is used, for example, in spectral anal- ysis where a waveform is sampled and digitized, then transformed by a Discrete Fou’ier Manuql DFT. Lithium batteries maintain front-pa- nel settings for 2 years.

Wave- forms and measurements are presented instantly on the screen and can be transferred directly to a wide variety of plotters and printers, archived onto PCs, or stored on an optional credit card memory facility. Due to the flatness of the screen, the X,Y position of the spot is proportional to the tangent of the respective X,Y deflection currents.

All front-panel controls and internal processing functions can be controlled. Chaining of Operations levroy Automatically chains two operations: If for some reason you don’t get it, please post here again. Also Jerry Massengale another group member. LeCro v Main Menu Figure 12 3.