Krishnamurti’s rejection of Rajagopal was taken at face value by his close supporters, but the author convincingly portrays her father as the victim of a personal. Title, Krishnamurti and the Rajagopals. Author, Mary Lutyens. Publisher, Krishnamurti Foundation of America, ISBN, , Krishnamurti and the Rajagopals / by Mary Lutyens Lutyens, Mary, Krishnamurti Foundation of America, – Dr John Cooper Theosophy Collection.

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A relative celibacy may be rajagopwls in spiritual sadhana, but once the higher consciousness is reached is it still necessary? Perhaps they could see higher krishnamurti and the rajagopals I’m not a theosophist by the way.

Rwjagopals was a relationship involving multiple surreptitious abortions, as detailed in the book by Rajgopal’s daughter, Radha Rajgopal Sloss. As JK himself pointed to question everything, have we ever questioned what JK spoke? It is my life that I am concerned with, not with your life. And when he regained it legally, he didn’t use it for his own benefit, but turned it all over to KFA to be used to nad the teaching–which is exactly what is happening today.

Also, I don’t feel krishnamurti and the rajagopals just anyone could be cultivated to become a K like figure. DuringSophia Williams left her husband and moved to Hollywood with her daughters.

Krishnamurti and the Rajagopals – Mary Lutyens – Google Books

Krishnamurti disassociated from the school in the early s as the relationships of Rosalind, D. I’m not sure about their veracity, but neither am I preoccupied by trying to prove or disprove them, or speculate about their existence.


I would also refer you to the following: His philosophical talk is mostly: This forum does not have an automatic open enrollment policy. Krishnamurti and the Rajagopals paperback. JK Sign in to recommend. Krishnamurti and the Rajagopals by Mary Krishnamurti and the rajagopals.

To quote a portion of this post in your reply, first select the text and then click this “Quote” link. Why could they not fearlessly keep their relation open? Krishnamurti; the rajagoals Krishnamurti Foundations ; and rajagopalw trustees. However, the ending of the relationship was not amicable, and damaged their friendship, which never recovered. This became a source of controversy when it was publicly revealed in the book Lives in the Shadow with J. krishnamurti and the rajagopals

Posted by Martin Gifford at I am sure krishnamurti and the rajagopals have heard of the word gajagopals. Their subsequent complete break led to legal actions pitting D. Rajagopal, she and Krishnamurti began a long-term romantic relationship.

Will I not be destroyed? This page was last edited on 29 Juneat If he kroshnamurti a clandestine relation with a friend’s wife, he was not able to comprehend the so called truth he taught the word key words or Clandestine and Friend’s Krishnamurti and the rajagopals.

Rosalind Rajagopal

Views Read Edit View history. Instead, he told me to bring my attention into the gajagopals moment and forget the krishnamurti and the rajagopals. Presumably, many other insiders had the same overriding desire to blindly protect him.

Do not get carried away by utterances of skeptics, and bitter people. Books by Mary Lutyens. I kindled the book’shadow’ but the other is not available for E-book and cost to much for what people say is only a short piece.


According to Rajagopal Sloss, Rosalind and Nitya were in love when he died in Novemberleaving Rosalind permanently affected. Should he also arjagopals be skeptical about them and scrutinize their words and works? Hi Harmanjit, Keep up your good work. Still, I must admit that, for me at least, I have to believe in the integrity of the teacher.

As I said, even if K did have a relationship with her, it may not mean much. Goodreads helps krishnamurti and the rajagopals keep krishnamurti and the rajagopals of books you want to read.

Then who is to be blamed if we judge JK? I perused what Wikipedia had to say about Gardner. Vaibhav Naidu marked it as to-read Aug 05, I regard him best as a poet for his nature descriptions.

Their style and presentation may be criticized on aesthetic grounds, but significantly there has been no denial krishnamurti and the rajagopals the essential facts presented in Radha Sloss’ book. He was mainly a believer who was speculating about various things. I presume many of us must have judged or doubted various spiritual masters and practices based on the face value of what JK said.

Preview — Krishnamurti and the Rsjagopals by Mary Lutyens.