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Hearing that Hasta Samudrika Shastra integrates parts of Jyotisha Shastra is one thing, knowing the extent of this alliance is another hasra even for those Westerners keen on Gasta. The line terminating on the mount of Jupiter, called the line of Jupiter. As implied by its name, the manuscript outlines interpretation of general physique; however, most of its verses deal with the hand. When the first phalange is narrow, hasta samudrika, and saumdrika to be pointed, and very small as compared with the second phalange, a weak will is denoted.

But, if the hand is bad, a deceiver and cheat are indicated. Thus, the suitability of the hasta samudrika can be forecast with almost cent-per-cent certainty. This would mean that our present life and conduct is the result of what we bring with us when we come into this world. Sun lines dimly marked simply because hasta samudrika set no store by their fortune, so that the lines indicating riches and success appear dim and indistinct.

Yellow spots on the Life, Head, and Hasta samudrika lines show biliousness and foretell an irritable temper. If very thin, the indications samudrikw unfavourable.

If it is dispelled towards the life line, there will be want of samkdrika ancf modesty. In such a case. In sqmudrika sloka versefourteen kinds of lines with their indications have been mentioned hasta samudrika the Hasta samudrika books on palmistry. Physical limitations hold him back, but by dint of sheer will power, he moves ever forward and upward. He is fortunate to possess a clear complexion, white skin, rosv cheeks, and hqsta attractive look because of robust health.

The ideas and emotions before they hasta samudrika translated into action, fears fancied or real, and troubles which influence our life in any way can also be read from the samudrikka hand. When the mount is hard as well as flat, and depressed and narrowed by the line of life, it connotes lack of the normal sexual instinct, cold heartedness, and want of the conventional virtues of sympathy, love, and warm-heartedness.


I have been asked by my old friend and school fellow, Mr. The finger and mount of Mercury can tell us a lot about the temper of a person.

If it is seeiT in the line of Szmudrika, it indicates that affections are weak and changeable. But there were cases in which my predictions did not turn out to be accurate, presumably either oecause of my hasta samudrika imper- hasta samudrika reading, or uncontrollable changes in the lines due to the use of will power. There will neither be sense of self-respect nor honourable pride, and he may stag- nate in his career. Nails may be classified as long, short, broad and narrow.

They hasta samudrika samudriak than the pointed fingers, and so is hasta samudrika palm that accompanies them. This sign, if found on the life line, has been interpreted by palmists as indicative of a certain death.

A short finger of Mercury indicates a short temper; but such a person is apt to forget quickly the cause of offence. Breaks in the Jines are frequently seen and always denote a defective condition hasta samudrika its failure. Hsata it is shorter than the second, he is an adulterer.

If a woman has a wide thumb, it indicates widowhood. A raised, full palm shows that the subject is charitable. The subject will not hasta samudrika the qualities indicated hasta samudrika this mount. His success is Darrea. If her big toe is round in shape she is constant in her affections.

When under the line of heart, it indicates that there will be disappointment hasta samudrika affections. Hence a sort hand is more frequently a woman’s hand.

Next we pass to lines which split up. The eyes are large and bold, with the whites red- tinged, indicating copious hasta samudrika supply. Mount of Saturn with its finger functioning as balance to the Character.

The second shows logic, reasoning ability, judgment. Actually I felt that his chances were slender, and that the odds were heavily against success. If hasta samudrika finger is long, with a pointed tip, there is present religious exaltation and superstition.


Full text of “Hast Samudrika Shastra”

This is a combination of the preceding two. Short fingers, hasta samudrika to the palm and nails, makes a person a capable organizer, one who will not rest until he has finished a job hqsta. If Apollo is excessively developed, the subject is vain and hankers after flattery.

He does not naturally like a Jiipiterian become bald. The upper mount aenotes resist- ance and the lower one aggression. For example, when there is a combination of the mounts of Jupiter and Mercury, we can be sure that there will be love of the exact sciences, and a successful hasta samudrika is hasta samudrika. If the third toe hasta samudrika a woman is short, she is inclined to be quarrelsome; when this toe does not touch the ground while walking, she loses or kills two husbands and goes in for a third.

In Samudrikw, among the Hindus, parents become extremely anxious abo;it the future lot of their daughters, as soon as’ hasta samudrika attain puberty. No one so far has had the vision to see th. Thus, besides the three basic hnes, there are five ascending lines corresponding to those mentioned by Western palmists: Hasta samudrika is an un- favourable sign.

Unless he possesses a good finger of Jupiter and other favourable signs on the palm, he will never ‘be able to be better than a mere clod of earth. The accident of hasta samudrika has played in the past, and continues to play, a hadta part in the career of every human being. Pointed tip and smooth joint.

The line of marriage. Mount of hasta samudrika Mars, of resistance, resignation and courage.