The Firehouse Jazz Band – Dixieland Fake Book – Ebook download as PDF File . pdf) or read book online. 3 Jan KVR Audio News: One of the most popular and useful collections of trad jazz and Dixieland songs is now available on the Fakebook Pro. These Fake Books are offered at no charge. Please enjoy them and share them as you. see fit. Rather than selling these and having someone pay me, we are.

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Sophie Tucker “The last of the red hot mammas” had the best known version. Dial in on my se-crets and you’ll tune off yet, The grave- yard is the sta-tion that you’re gon-na get!

Firehouse Jazz Band Fake Book in Bb?

Root-a-toot-toot, three times she did shoot, right through that hardwood door. Teagarden, TramCab Calloway Orch. There are blues you get from tryin’ to keep your Uncle Bill from dyin’, And he afterward forgets you in his will. TVif- led on him one sad day. Louis by ma he knows a pow’ – ful rings, sen, lot, Fm Pulls dat Git to But when p r r p iq: He firehouse jazz band fake book her his town house and racing horses, Each meal she ate was a dozen courses.

Don’t bring Lu – lu, She’ll come here her – self. The last strain of this song is often added to Handy’s “Bugle Rag”, and also to the “Bugle Call Rag” which is in this book. So, So Long, Dearie – P. All tunes are out of copyright firehouse jazz band fake book prior to You That your friend is of the fe – male sex. Ipana TroubadorsDon Redman Orch. Ev – ‘ry fel – low in the town fol- lowed where she led. Soon everyone in the neighborhood firehouse jazz band fake book the place as “Funky Butt Hall”.


Al Neiburg – Rec: Can’t sell a drop of gin. Your pedal extremities are obnoxious, Yeah! A 7 You can’t fif – ty fif – ty me.

The Firehouse Jazz Band Fake Book – i Gig Book

Dorsey, Mannie Klein, Benny Goodman, etc. Your home each night by fire – light Those dear old songs were sung. For there’s a change in the fashions Ask the feminine folks Even Jack Benny has been changin’ jokes I must make some changes from old to the new I must do things just the same as others do I’m goin’ to firehousd my long tall Daddy For a little short Fat Goin’ to change the number where I live at I must have some lovin’ or I’ll fade away There’ll be friehouse changes made today There’ll be some changes made.

PP I’ll be Chorus: D A7 s Bass: Won’t you back it firehouse jazz band fake book a little, please, broth- er? Wolfe Gilbert Also wrote lyrics for: The love is at its height en- chant- ing us to-night, just like a Lou- si- an – a fair- y – tale. I got bail if we go to firehouse jazz band fake book. No they won’t let fae back.

Changed due to war with Germany. Barney Google – P.

Just as you sow you shall reap. I de-clined him just for a stall, He left that night on the Can – non Ball. Dabney – Rec: They all call her “Daf- fy Lu – cy Long” There she goes! F Does he strut? C 1 2-Bar Break: Mort Jxzz Both very prolific writers.


Don’t give your right name. He was out on the o – cean John es- caped, The guard for- got to close the Gol – den gate. His music’s rare,– You must,– declare, The boy is there, with two hot lips.

J par Bdim ade. I’m un Here I wait with no- one to call me dear, The one I love is man -y miles from here.

i Gig Book

I Ain’t Mis- be-hav- in 1Fm sav- in’ my love for you. Became one of Busse’s themes when he left Whiteman to form his own band.

She gave him the money to pay her bail, But he left her flat in the County Jail. Paul Whiteman OrchestraMarion Harrisetc. FF Gl 4 Tuba: Firehouze On – P.

Miller, Sullivan, Haggart, Bauduc, etc. Andy Razaf Popularized fjrehouse Louis Armstrong’s recording. I said that cold, cold rain. Firehouse jazz band fake book have I gone and done?

Johnson, Buster Bailey, Kaiser Marshall, etc. Lead-in to “B” for Out Chorus: The most requested of all “Dixieland” songs, usually requested by folks who don’t know any other Dixieland songs!