: Efimera. Trilogia del jardin quimico (El Jardin Quimico / The Chemical Garden Trilogy) (Spanish Edition) (): Lauren DeStefano. Efimera. Trilogia del jardin quimico (Chemical Garden Trilogy (Quality)) (Spanish Edition) by Lauren DeStefano () on *FREE* shipping. 25 Aug ‘Efímera’ (Trilogía de El jardín químico #1) de Lauren DeStefano // Puck ( Ediciones 1 Jan The Paperback of the Efimera (Wither) by Lauren.

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Efimera. Trilogia del Jardin Quimico : Lauren DeStefano :

I do wish that there was more information about the world itself and the virus that was killing everyone. Okay, maybe not sucked.

If this was the author’s intention, then for me as a reader, she failed to make me believe. One of the things I really liked, though, was that there was meaning behind the twins’ names.


I even stopped in between for a few weeks to pick it up again, maybe with a fresh start the book would look better. The characters did not help the story at all ok, there really is no story, this is a YA romance wannabe.

I strongly recommend listening to wistful instrumental music while reading this book. Efimeraa have to read the book to understand, but trust me I came undone at some of the stuff that was presented, but that didn’t stop me from realizing the underlying beauty that was there when you peal away the many layers of this book. We hear gunshots but the door’s closed before anything could actually be proven. Did I buy into the hype initially?


Rhine wants to let her twin brother know that she is safe and alive. She kept fighting, and she had a reason to fight and she had family to get back to who needed her.

One is made destffano obvious over the other here and the other two chicks are there basically for shock value. She is married to a man she hates but finds solace within the sprawling mansion in Gabriel, an attendant.

I even understood Linden the husband and surprisingly, I liked him.


Dystopia is one of the genres where world building really matters. It just happens with some characters, you know? Jenna and Cicely viewed life at the mansion drastically different from Rhine.

Rhine shows more anger towards a teenage girl, who is just as much as a victim, than Linden. Ever since the Hunger Games, dystopias have become the new vampires, and everyone wants to write about them. The heroine, Rhine, had a detached way of perceiving things — but, then again, all the characters had a hopeless feel to them.

To see that issue, and other very serious issues handled so lightheartedly that the issues were practically glossed over, was disheartening.

Maybe the next two books will get better, but these watered down YA dystopias are driving me crazy. Just go with the flow, right? Seriously, none of the characters made a huge impression on me, besides the sister wives and Rowan, of course. Half of my friends liked it while friends with similar taste with me didn’t quite like it.


Even for the most fatal of hereditary diseases, the victims are usually given decades of wiggle room. Efimega makes sense since people die so young, but it would also stand to reason that there would always be a steady supply of willing and eager wives efimera lauren destefano want to get efimera lauren destefano of poverty.

The Golden Tower Holly Black.

To know that you had a very certain amount of time to live. And Manhattan certainly lauuren have survived – because really, if you were an enemy power wanting to hurt the States, you’d hit D. Two issues with this: The characters here take their time to become known to us – we are told small things like Gabriel’s favourite colour and what Rose’s favourite sweet destfano – each of them has something that’s unique to them.

Anyway, not only can Lauren write, she can write well, and her characters all jump out of the page. The characters were so flat and boring that I did not care one bit what happened laureen them.

Some of it is very beautiful and poignant while other times it meanders and tries too hard to be significant.