In March representatives from all of Saint-Domingue’s departments were elected to the Assembly, which completed the constitution in May. Toussaint signed it in. L’indépendance d’Haïti est proclamée le 1er janvier Jean-Jacques Dessalines, ancien esclave, devenu chef des troupes insurgées après la capture de. Le 29 Mars , nous, le peuple Haïtien, avons voté la constitution haïtienne pour doter le pays d’une démocratie basée sur la diversité politique, la justice.

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Archaeolical, historical, cultural, folklore and architectural treasures in the country, which bear witness to the grandeur of our past.

Haïti: Constitution de

Be a native-born Haitian, and never have renounced Haitian nationality; 2. The State guarantees the right to education. Art 20 — No law relative to the internal administration of the colony can be promulgated unless it bears the following formula: At the well-founded request constituton the Executive, they may land assistance to the police when the latter are unable to handle a situation; e.

Two 2 members designated by the President of the Republic – Member. In addition to their regular duties, the Armed Forces may be assigned to development work. No alien may be the owner of a building bounded by the Haitian land order. His term is seven 7 years and may not be renewed.

Unions are essentially nonpolitical, nonprofit, and nondenominational. Each House has the right to amend and to divide articles and amendments proposed.

The crime of high treason is punishable by forced labor for life without commutation of sentence. Les effigies, les noms de personnages vivants ne peuvent figurer sur la monnaie, les timbres, les vignettes.

Own real property in Haiti and practice a profession there; 5. The President of the Republic shall choose a Prime Minister from among the members of the majority party of the Parliament. The right terminates five 5 years after an alien ceases to reside in the country or the operation of this companies have terminates, pursuant to the law establishing regulations to be followed for the transmission and liquidation of property owned by aliens.

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Heroes’ Day, january 2; 3. Within two weeks following ratification of this Constitution, the bodies or organizations concerned shall inform the Executive of the name of their representative.

Constitution of 1801

The city of Port-au-Prince is the capital and the seat of government. The law shall establish regulations governing freedom to prospect for and work mines, or bearing earths, and quarries, ensuring an equal share of the profits of such exloitation to the owner of the land and to the Haitian State or its concessionnaires.

The State must finance the operation and development of the Haitian State University and the public superior schools. The monetary unit shall be the gourde, which is divided into centimes.

The horseback gendarmerie is instituted for high police matters and the safety of the countryside. The amendment passed may enter into effect only after installation of the next elected President.

This choice shall be secret. Art 16 — Every cultivator and worker is a member of the family and a shareholder in its revenues. Possession of a firearm must be reported to the police. If that majority is not obtained in the first election, a second election is held. The bill is dated on the day of it final adoption by the two 2 Houses. Dwa pou yo jwenn bon kay pou yo rete.

Constitution of Haiti

Le Conseil Electoral Permanent est renouvelable par tiers tous les 3 trois ans. Members of the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes are under the jurisdiction of the High Court of Justice for any serious offenses committed in the discharge of haiyienne duties.

No Government levy may be established except by law. The law shall determine the mode of organization and operation of academies. The invitation of the Central Assembly is an order for me. Lalwa regle nan ki kondisyon pwogram sa a mache. The Senator in third place shall be elected for two 2 years. No person of Haitian nationality may be deported or forced to leave the national territory for any reason.


Departments Arrondissements Communes Communal sections. The principle of separation of the Three 3 branches is embodied in the Constitution. Its regulations are determined by law.

Rights on the rental value of houses in cities and towns, of those that produce manufactured goods other than those of cultivation, and salt Revenue from ferries and post Fines, confiscations, wrecks Rights from the saving of shipwrecked ships Revenue from colonial domains. The law determines the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals, and regulates the manner of preceedings before them.

It may made only in the course of the last Regular Session of the Legislative period and shall be published immediately throughout the territory. The sessions are not public. Constitute itself as a High Court of Justice; 3. However, foreign companies engaged in real estate promotion shall receive the benefits of a special status regulated by law. Art 71 — In the entire colony there is a uniformity in weights and measures.

Scientific, literary and artistic property is protected by law. A family Code must be drawn up to ensure protection and respect for the rights of the family and to define procedures of the search for affiliation. The Haitian State may join an Economic Community of States insofar as the association agreement stimulates the social and economic development of the Haitian Republic and does not contain any clause contrary to this Constitution.