Chum Kiu Form Movements. 1) Start in a 47) Lead leg takes a half step forward and level up with the rear foot / Double HUEN-SAO into Double JUT-SAO. ing principles and understanding in each developmental stage. “Chum Kiu trains the stance and the waist. The arm bridge is short and the step is narrow.

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Introduces Sttep Ma stepping to the sttep. The feet are truned out on the heels. This enables the practitioner to deliver more devastating blows with relative ease as the Laping arm is enabling the transfer of power across the body as the force can flow as one motion without interruption, with the addition of pulling your opponent off balance, the target will chum kiu form step by step be moving into the punch and so additional damage will be caused.

Generating torque by turning. What is Chum Kiu? Like two crossed low Gaun Sau’s. The hands are crossed in the centreline at the wrists. The hands are pulled up to chest height as closed fists.

This is teaching the practitioner to use the hips to develop power or Yiu Ma as it’s called in Cantonese. Yiu Ma and body movement in general, is not present in the first form. Create a bridge if the opponent’s bridge is not present; nullify the bridge according to how it is presented.


Chum Kiu is also teaching the practitioner about body positioning when using techniques like chum kiu form step by step Bong Sau which becomes considerably more effective when combined with turning.

If it doesn’t get your sifu chum kiu form step by step help you do the movement until it feels natural and comfortable. The knees are bent. You can create a free account. Photo captions Stand ready to start the form. If you miss time this, you end up just striking with your arm and not using chu power of your whole body.

Wing Chun kung fu’s second form, Chum Kiu builds on the base of knowledge learned in the first form and teaches the practitioner how to use these skills under different conditions ie. Your weight is balanced in all directions, and you are ready chum kiu form step by step move in any direction.

Most importantly, don’t simply go through the form’s cchum while you’re thinking about work or your favorite TV show.

Chum Kiu Form Movements – Wing Chun Journey

Gorm you face an opponent and go in, you go in the center. In this form we introduce chum kiu form step by step compass to tell you what way to face. The first section also introduces two way energy as seen when the Lan Sau arm Laps back and a straight punch is delivered. Chum Kiu Third Section.

This is due to their speed and lack of height. A photo run through of the form The following photos are designed to help students learn the form. Essential for being able to chase down a target or close the distance to the opponent. Or later Bong Sau, Wu Sau together with stepping.


Chum Kiu is the second of the three empty hand forms.

Chum Kiu Form Movements

It demonstrates moving to an opponent, turning to face an opponent, and kicking. Chum Kiu Second Section. Log In Not a member? Chum Kiu teaches you how to control your motions while turning. Some of the benefits of training Chum Kiu are as follows. Pass chum kiu form step by step the opponent’s incoming arm bridge from above, without stopping when the countering move has started.

Face opponents in different directions. Use the three joints of fodm arm to prevent entry by the opponent’s bridge; jam the opponent’s bridge to restrict his movement. This kii develop turning, balance and unity.

Both arms are simultaneously pulled back like a double elbow strike. Practice using the turning or Yiu Ma, with techniques to help generate power in strikes and blocks. Siu Lim Tau develops techniques in a stationary position.

Your feet are far enough apart that you stepp be pushed over easily.

Imagine an attack coming and picture yourself blocking it.