Book Girl and the Famished Spirt (“文学少女”と飢え渇く幽霊【ゴースト】) is the second book in the main series of the Book Girl light novels. Back Blurb “Life in the. 30 Aug “A literary girl” and a Ghost who hunger and thirst “Bungaku Shoujo” to Ue Kawaku Ghost Book Girl and the Famished Spirit ”文学少女”と飢え. Read Book Girl and the Famished Spirit Light Novels on Android or iOS devices or from your computer. Author: Mizuki Nomura. Free preview/sample available.

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Book Girl and the Famished Spirit Book Review

book girl and the famished spirit Paperbackpages. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lists with This Book. When their investigation suggests that a tormented spirit might be stalking the school halls, matters quickly take an ominous turn. Well that was dark This episode is far more dramatic than its predecessor, though breathtakingly beautiful and more exciting to read at the same time.

People who bought this also bought. The suspense elements are nicely done, with some pieces falling into place as the reader goes and some vital connections book girl and the famished spirit elusive until they are explained.

Embrace her corpse, drink her blood, devour her flesh, lay your head on her bones, and rest in the same casket.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Book girl and the famished spirit really liked how one story was told in two perspectives so it almost felt as if they were unrelated. When the club begins receiving cryptic messages, though, routine goes out the window as Tohko sets out to find the culprit with Konoha in tow!

Dec 25, David rated it liked it. Apr 25, Megan Anderson rated it liked it Shelves: The writing flows well, is dripping with emotion and really establishes the proper feeling and atmosphere for the story.


Book Girl and the Famished Spirit light novel. If fact I found the story moved along at quite a good clip while still fully conveying what was happening at any given time. After all, there is hardly book girl and the famished spirit more serious crime imaginable to a literature-eating goblin!

The story ends book girl and the famished spirit a satisfied but a tragic ending which makes me really wanted to cry because of the hidden truth which booi considered as it is a selfish decision like Catherine Earnshaw made resulted in a storyline filled with sorrow and darkness.

I’m rather spirir of this series so please read this and future reviews with a handful of salt. Strange notes in the club mailbox and the possibility of a ghostly presence are only the beginning. The reader gets to see Hotaru’s story in another perspective and in Maki’s eyes, Hotaru’s love meant so much more than through Konoha’s eyes.

Book Girl and the Famished Spirit (light novel)

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Now I’m motivated to check out Wuthering Heights in its original language Englishthough I shiver at the thoughts of finding myself in a muddy love-and-hate relationship with it eventually. Part Stardust Crusaders, Vol. This book deals with social status and how it impacts relationships, and goes to some pretty dark places some characters are mentally tortured until the get anorexia.

By continuing to use this book girl and the famished spirit, you agree to their use. Book Girl and the Corrupted Angel light novel I was hoping for some further growth of Konoha, especially once he got deep into investigating the whole case. Page count may vary, depending on the font and image settings book girl and the famished spirit your device. Feature films Re: The four short story collections were published between December 26, and December 25, ; many of the short stories were previously published in Enterbrain’s FB Online online magazine.

Book Girl and the Famished Spirit – Light Novels – BookWalker

With college exams approaching, Tohko Amano book girl and the famished spirit president of the literary club, closet book-eating goblin, and shameless procrastinator — does the unthinkable and declares club activities suspended! Previous I Am Alice: This is a very odd series that meanders a little sometimes, hits hard and isn’t birl to deal with dark, depressing topics.


Defeat The Pirate Ganzak! Junior member Konoha Inoue dutifully writes short stories for his club president, Tohko Amano, who subsequently shreds them and devours each morsel like the book-eating goblin she is.

Honestly speaking you’d never guess just how creepy this book series could be from looking at the cover. Sadly for this book, the character Chia Takeda did not return this time around, and she was not mentioned in the book even once. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Lois Daniel rated it liked it Aug 03, But the shadow of a tragedy from eighty years past book girl and the famished spirit to destroy their otherwise peaceful summer!


Book Girl and the Famished Spirit (light novel) : Mizuki Nomura :

Tohko was even more likeable in this book than in the first. And actually give a lot of hints about who’s who and whodunit and all that.

Book Girl and the Famished Spirit 4. Just like Wuthering Height. Book Girl and the Captive Fool. Jul 27, Macaron Tea rated it really liked it Shelves: Log in to vote! List of Book Girl light novels.

But if there is room in the world for a literature-consuming goblin, then, really, how unlikely is a famished spirit? The whole subplot with Miki seems convoluted and pulled from nowhere, too.

Facebook Twitter Tumblr Instagram. Reminiscent Music Musique du film] in Japanese. The fact that a girl who was possessed by her mothers spirit bothers the book club.