15 pin D-Sub (DB), 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD), 19 pin HDMI Type A, 4 pin USB Type A, 4 pin mini-DIN, 9 pin D-Sub (DB-9), RCA, RJ, mini-USB Type B. Buy BenQ SH DLP Digital Projector featuring ANSI Lumens Ultra-High Brightness, Full HD p Magnificence High Contrast Ratio. Review. Projector Model, SH Technology, DLP. Price, Brightness ( Manufacturer Claim), Brightness Description, N/A. Contrast Ratio, Projection.

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But in living rooms, you may want to use Eco mode to reduce noise, and you will still have almost 3, lumens available. Enter new zip sh91 to refresh estimated delivery time. But if you need every ounce of lumen power you can get, set the SH up using the benq sh910 end of the zoom range. The sound is rich and buzz-free all the benq sh910 to maximum volume. With lamps of this wattage, a lot of benq sh910 air has to be exhausted bnq the case. Some of that price differential is erased by the cost of audio amplifiers and cables, and that makes the value proposition of the SH compelling for mobile presenters.

Put them in front of some 50″ flat screen TV? An occasional vacuuming of the air benq sh910 grills will help minimize dust accumulation zh910 the lamp which helps maintain lamp brightness. The SH can deliver i, p, i, p, p, i and p high definition signals from a benq sh910, a cable box and Blu-ray discs. Authorized Integrators Choice Resellers.

benq sh910 Keys are clearly labeled, and some are color-coded. With a 4,lumen brightness rating, benq sh910 DLP projector puts up a stunning x image that shrugs off ambient light.

Finally, though both projectors offer a laser benq sh910 built into their remote controls, the functionality and layout of the SH remote is superior to that of the THP.

Examples that come to mind are sports bars, photo clubs, and churches. The BenQ SH is no longer available!

BenQ SH Cinema Projector | BenQ Canada

BenQ has really hit a sweet spot with their SH bbenq for many situations, no external speakers will benq sh910 needed. You will appreciate the built-in laser pointer for directing your audience’s attention to specifics of your material, and source selections each have their own individual keys Computer, HDMI, Video, S-Video, and Network.


See any errors on this page? The SH offers bright and clear benq sh910 so you can give the perfect presentation.

This feature also offers simultaneousor a partial projection benq sh910 option benq sh910 better content management for discussions, presentations, training and classroom teaching Wireless Display It keeps cables and wires out of everyone’s way with the BenQ Wireless Display Adapter optional accessory to deliver big screen display for all your presentations and perform simplified centralized network control via USB 2.

If you can get past the mounting limitations, benq sh910 SH has the horsepower to put up striking images with plenty of audio impact for audiences of Even in Eco mode with full zoom, the lowest preset Cinema puts out over 1, lumens which is uncomfortably bright in a small, darkened room.

It uses only W to project its super bright image and in standby mode it draws less than a watt. Edge-to-edge focus is excellent with smooth scaling of images of other than As expected, benq sh910 details can be compromised by high ambient light, but the high brightness from the SH makes for benq sh910 contrast and good highlight definition.

Benq sh910 menu navigation keys are large and well separated which is handy in dimly lit rooms, and the large, round Enter key is placed right in the middle of the key cluster.

Service Plans Open Box Products. Digging deeper, however, swung the needle benq sh910 both directions, bejq we found that both projectors were solid performers with subtle but important differences.

Set at nearly the top of its range, the default sharpness setting renders the image slightly grainy with unnatural-looking edges. With Benq sh910 HD, every viewing experience becomes more absorbing.

BenQ SH910 Cinema Class Projector

A look at their spec sheets shows no glaring differences. Benq sh910 a ” diagonal, the bottom of the image is 20″ above bebq centerline of the lens, so a coffee table placement works just fine.

With its watt audio output, the SH avoids that expense and inconvenience. And this is where the SH has an advantage. It supports multiple video formats including i, p, i, p, p, i and benq sh910, delivering 5 times more detail than traditional p projectors. LAN Control enables IT managers to perform day-to-day projector maintenance and repair tasks efficiently and effectively. Setup options are a bit limited since there is no benq sh910 shift capability, but the SH’s 1.


BenQ SH910 DLP Projector overview

However, in the mobile presentation world, the SH is clearly the top choice even for the extra money it will initially cost you. With full access and control over every projector directly from benq sh910 workstations, IT managers get to save energy, time and money. One other factor that affects brightness is the zoom lens setting. Couple that audio performance with excellent data and video images, and you have a value package that is hard to benq sh910 in a large venue projector.

As a result, text is sharper, cleaner and easier to read. Still, the home theater enthusiast’s loss is the home entertainer’s gain, and in large rooms, the Benq sh910 will definitely impress your audience with bright HD images even in tough projection conditions. Of course, if the external amplifier ever fails, that on-board audio capability will come in handy. To ensure a smooth presentation on your part, BenQ has integrated various display functions into the SH to benq sh910 every need!

The SH did achieve slightly deeper black levels than the THP, and its rainbow effects were less detectable. Benq sh910 example, a ” image can be projected from 10’4″ to 15’6″ away.

LAN Display offers a cost-effective solution for projector implementation management benq sh910 a single LAN cable to control and display. The SH offers bright and clear projection so you can benq sh910 the perfect presentation Fortunately, there are two User modes which give you control over picture controls including brightness, contrast, sharpness, tint, and three color temperature choices.

It features an innovation that TI calls BrilliantColor.