AWWA Has Published C! Updates Include: • High Performance Polyethylene Resin (PE) with Safety Factor ≥ 2. • Zero-leakage allowance for. Plastics Pipe Institute position statment on AWWA C High density polyethylene (HDPE) has been used for municipal and industrial water applications for almost 50 years. HDPE’s heat-fused joints create a leak free.

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Colored products shall contain sufficient UV stabilizer in lieu of carbon black for 24 months of outdoor storage. The surge pressure occurring in HDPE pipe is significantly lower than surge pressures occurring in cast or ductile iron pipe and is lower than that in PVC pipe of the same DR.

For the PE materials described in this standard, the effective safety factor against transient and sustained pressures is at least 2: The walls shall be free of cuts, cracks, holes, blisters, voids, foreign inclusions, or other defects that are visible to the naked eye and that may affect the wall integrity.

The tensile strength shall be not less than 2, psi Through our collective strength we become better stewards of water for the greatest good of the people and the environment.

The five- second pressure test shall be as referenced in Sec. For PE and PE materials, the minimum hoop stress value shall be 2, psi The C update, expected to be published on September 1,will include enhanced performance high-density polyethylene HDPE resins – PE – that improve the durability and reliability of HDPE pressure pipe used in municipal and industrial water and wastewater systems.

Any indication of cracking or crazing is cause for rejection of the pipe. Pressure class such as PC Some items in aawwa standard are optional requiring identification of the selected option s such as material type, color, and size.

The product shall be made from only the materials listed within this standard. Because the effective strength of PE materials depends on the duration of stress application and temperature, the effective safety factor when using a DF of 0. The complete procedure shall be performed in a period not exceeding 5 min. Updates in C include: Polyethylene piping described in this standard may be joined by thermal butt fusion, socket fusion, electrofusion, flange assemblies, or mechanical methods Figure 2.


The test pressure P may be computed from the test hoop stress and pipe dimensions by means of the following equation: Remember me on this computer. Test specimens shall be conditioned aqwa the proper temperature before testing. The elongation at break for each test specimen shall exceed percent. Sign up for our free newsletter. Get the latest water industry awww, insights, and analysis delivered to your inbox.

High Density Polyethylene Pipe

Because of its apparent nominal working pressure capacity, the preliminary design choice for this application is pipe of DR 17 designated as PC with a maximum working pressure rating of psig. These HDBs, which have been established from long-term pressure testing using water at Plant inspection by the purchaser or the omission of these inspections shall not relieve the manufacturer of the responsibility to provide materials complying with the applicable requirements of this standard and of the purchaser.

Peak pressure may be obtained by adding the surge pressure at the design velocity from Table A-2 to the pumping pressure. Molded fittings shall conform with the dimensional requirements described in the applicable ASTM aawwa standard referenced in Section 2 when measured as specified in that standard. Carbon-black levels shall be determined daily or wawa each production aswa of pipe, whichever is more frequent.

Pipe shall be provided with squarely cut plain ends in lengths and tolerances agreed on by the manufacturer or supplier and the purchaser. The PE materials used to make pipe and fittings shall contain no ingredient in an amount that has been demonstrated to migrate into water in quantities that are considered to be detrimental to the water quality. The party that provides the work and materials for placement or installation. Pipe provided according to the provisions of this standard may also be suitable for insertion into existing pipelines for rehabilitation and for the transmission of other liquids.

Fitting styles are characterized as elbows, tees, reducing tees, reducing laterals, branch saddles, flange adapters, mechanical joint adapters, and end caps. The sum of the maximum anticipated working pressure WP and the maximum anticipated recurring pressure surge PRS may be no greater than 1.

What DR pipe does the engineer use? The actual value is generally larger and depends on the magnitude of the applied transient and sustained pressures, as well as on the operating temperature.



These pressure ratings do not apply to loose or floating backup flanges on thermoplastic piping stub ends. Each PE fitting shall meet the material require- ments of the pipe to which the fitting will be joined. Colored coextrusions and pipe striping are allowed according to other provisions of the standard. Using the conventional surge pressure formulas applicable to metal and plastic pipe, the value for the surge pressure rise per foot of extinguished velocity in DR 21 pipe is 10 psig per fps velocity change.

Click here to sign up. Working Pressure and Surge Pressure Example: The inner surface of the pipe shall give no indications of brittle-like cracking or crazing when examined with the naked eye.

If the sample thickness must be reduced by milling, the inside surface of the pipe shall be left unaltered. An engineer is designing a water system that operates at 85 psi and has some runs in it where the flow velocity is 4 fps. Determine additives requirements, including applicable standards. Recurring surge pressures occur frequently and are inherent to the design and operation of the system such as normal pump startup or shutdown, and normal valve opening or closure.

Standard code designation of the PE material Sec. American Society of Civil Engineers. Use of Annex A procedures may not always be identical, depending on the certifier.

Updated C AWWA Standard To Publish Includes PE State-Of-The-Art Resin

Additionally, PPI collaborates with industry organizations that set standards for manufacturing practices and installation methods. The manufacturer should be consulted for more detailed recommendations. This is also confirmed in Table C. When agreed on by the manufacturer and the purchaser, other diameters and wall thicknesses shall be considered acceptable if the pipe and fittings meet the following requirements: Gravity Sanitary Sewer Design and Construction.

When this situation exists, aewa to the supplier for information on the hydraulic collapse resistance of the pipeline.