Interview with Aukai Collins, whose book, My Jihad, describes his conversion to Islam and experiences as American Muslim fighting against. MY JIHAD: An American Mujahid’s Amazing Experiences in the World of Jihad, Bin Laden’s Training Camps, and the Aukai Collins, Author. by. Aukai Collins. · Rating details · ratings · 26 reviews. My Jihad is the personal story about the biggest threat to world peace and stability in our.

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How about Islamic State?

Aukai Collins

Some were killed quickly; others kept fighting for ages. The old man sat down in an empty chair without saying a word.

Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! It had a canvas shell over the bed, and it was full of smiling teenage students, all boys. Not only had the United States refused to help the Bosnians, but we had placed an arms embargo on them as well.

It turned out that there was a traitor among us. This had to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Aukai Collins (Author of My Jihad)

They were enjoying themselves immensely and had obviously done this to other visitors before. My Jihad versi Indonesia yang saya baca The pimply kid then motioned for me to walk with him to the mud building. Books of the Week.

But the sequence of tales provide a clear idea of the life of a mujahid. jiihad

Price may vary by retailer. He walked over to the rear passenger door and said something I didn’t understand. We arrived in Zagreb early in the morning, and the Arabs dropped me off at an office, where I met two of Muhammad Zaky’s contacts.


I expected them to start shooting at us, but they just kept trying to catch up. The Best Books of The next morning I set out for the camp in one of Harakat-ul Jihad’s four-wheel-drive Toyotas, along with Commander Khalid and my translator from Islamabad. The leadership and the dozens of other jihad organizations was supposed to have a sort of xukai confederacy with Al Qaeda.

At first I didn’t know what to tell him, but I thought, What the hell, I’ll take the risk. My Jihad is the personal story about the biggest threat to world peace mh stability in our generation, as told by an insider. As we prepared, one of the young mujahideen started aukkai cry.

It’s his story of his unique experience with the so-called “terrorists” and the governments of various countries, most of whom ARE trying to stop the actual terrorists but harm many other people in auukai. One of the soldiers spoke English better collons my translator from Islamabad, and he fielded questions from everyone.

He gave me an AK and a utility belt and called someone over to translate something in Urdu: American-born Collins is the author of very bracing memoir. Every ten minutes or so I stumbled jiahd the bathroom collinw an exhausting bout of diarrhea. They all had the traditional shawl wrapped around their shoulders, and I could see AKs poking out from underneath.

I saw Abdullah at the mosque about a month later; he told me that his friend had just returned from Bosnia. It’s interesting to note that at this writing, these same organizations, which wouldn’t help a single fighter enter Bosnia, are being shut down by the U. Dec 27, Nancy rated it liked it.


The m adrasah’s headmaster didn’t speak English, and I had no idea how I would get into Afghanistan. I traveled to Vienna by train and tried to call my contacts there; again, I couldn’t reach anyone.

There we caught a van for the long, jiuad trip to the border. Later I figured out that we were just playing the routine games that characterize the dispute in Kashmir. After a long conversation, Mufti Shaheed said that if I wanted to fight I could go to Tajikistan, but first I should do more training at one of Harakat-ul Jihad’s camps in Afghanistan.

xymfora om “The book “My Jihad (…)” by Aukai Collins”

Hard to know how much is real versus self-promotion, but an interesting story nonetheless. The driver of the Suburban tried to intervene, but the other guard mmy something to him and he shut up. I wasn’t thrilled with it, but it’s worth a read if you want to learn more about jihad.

As the commander raised his stump, his assistant started to sing. I fell into a comfortable routine with the Tabliqis.

I still gave no indication that I understood a word that he was saying.

The Taliban movement started when some students from a madrasah, or religious school, ambushed a particularly heinous checkpoint and hanged the culprits from the barrel of a tank aykai was parked nearby.